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    买到不合适或收到不喜欢的圣诞礼物 可以怎么做?

    kira86 于2018-12-11发布 l 已有人浏览
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    在国外,对于那些不需要的圣诞礼物,还有买给别人但认为或许不合适的礼物,我们要怎么做?(P.S: 我们有某宝,7天无理由)

    What are we going to do about Christmas for those unwanted presents, and the presents that you buy for the people that you think 'oh it might not fit'?


    Number one: sign up for the emails for your favorite stores, the stores where you're most likely to buy things.


    Because then if you get their email, you're first in the line to hear about the deals, and you can get this before they run out.


    Number two: Use cashback sites, so they're things like TopCashback, Quidco and they, if you sign up to them, you'll get money back each time you use a store that's registered with them.


    And use the different cashback sites because different cashback sites will give you a different percentage.


    Number three: Although you might buy your auntie Flo a jumper and think 'she can take it back if it doesn't fit'.


    The retailer does not have to do that.


    Most companies will, the big stores will, but you need to find that out and the best thing to do is to get a gift receipt.


    Number four: If you're giving a gift card, it really, really, really is better probably to give money not a gift card.


    If you really do want to give a gift card, give it for a company that is not likely to go under.


    Most companies have a two-year, possibly one-year limit on how long you can use a gift card for.


    So if you've got one, get out and use it, or at the very least get out and use some of it, or get it swiped because some stores will then restart your two years.


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